Friday, January 17, 2020

Comedian Amanullah daughter denied the news about her father's death

Comedian Amanullah's daughter denied the news about her father's death. Daughter of renowned comedian Amanullah denies news of father's death.

Comedian Amanullah is Alive! His Daughter Confirms.

Pakistani stage comedian King Amanullah was taken to the hospital a few months ago due to a heart attack and was later shifted home after recovering from a medical condition, but he suffered a recurrence shortly afterward. And was hospitalized due to an asthma attack.

There was news circulating on social media about the nature of the comedian that Amanullah passed away in the hospital for a few months, but his daughter denied that such news had any credibility, their nature had already. is better.
Zargun also said that Father Amanullah has a respiratory problem that puts him on a ventilator which is part of his treatment, but you are all better than he claims. In this regard, the doctors say that they will be shifted from the intensive care ward to Rome in a couple of days, and they have requested the most prayers.

It should be noted that the issue of spreading false news about the death of comedian Amanullah was not seen for the first time. Earlier, even before the death of legendary actress Zahin Tahira and the late Abid Ali, there were false reports of her being loved by Allah.

Why Mahira Khan was called a bad actress, Firdous Jamal explained

Why Mahira Khan was called a bad actress, Firdous Jamal explained.  Senior Pakistani actor Ferdous Jamal has described Mahira Khan as a bad actress. 

In July last year, actress Firdous Jamal's statement regarding Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan said that Mahira Khan should be the role of a mother rather than a heroine and she may be a model but she is neither a good actress nor a heroine. Had made the dispute over.

Firdous Jamal's statement regarding Mahera Khan has been strongly criticized by the fans of Mahira, where even a large media house banned him. However, now during a recent interview, Firdous Jamal explained his statement.

Firdous Jamal said that technically nobody sees things, so when I talk technically people are upset. I also talked about the acting of Mahira Khan technically and people were upset. Although I have no personal enmity with any of them, nor do I ever know them in Mullahs with a lady named Mahira Khan.

Firdous Jamal said, "I have never worked with Mahira Khan or never met in person. So when I was asked about them, I said Mahira Khan is a star but she is not an actress, yes the models are good." Models are always concerned about their beauty because good looks are part of their work, models represent products and they do not play any role. Models are salesmen and women.

Firdous Jamal said that Mahira Khan's background is for modeling, so as I said, her performance shows that whatever method and technique she adopts is used in modeling. Models are always worried about lighting, makeup and their hair while the actors do not have to worry about these things. Acting means self-denial, while modeling means being good at yourself.

Firdous Jamal said that popular stars are given more priority in Pakistan. People want to see those they love and so is Khan. It is to be noted that during the interview, Firdous Jamal did not comment on the statement regarding Khan's age.

The price of flour increased from 64 to Rs 70 per KG

Lahore :  The price of flour goes up from Rs 64 to Rs 70 per kilo. According to News, the owners of the mill in Punjab have increased the price of flour by Rs 6 per kilogram, after which the price has increased from Rs 64 to Rs 70 per kg. The mill owners have issued a new price notification, which is being applied today.

In this regard, the Grower Owners Association says the government has not given any relief to the mill owners. If the government provides subsidies like floor mills, they will reduce the cost.
In addition to Punjab, mill flour was also increased by Rs 2 kg in Karachi and started selling at Rs 66. Earlier this week, the grinder flour rose from 60 to Rs 64. The mill owners say that in a few days, the dough can even go up from Rs 68 to Rs 70 per kg.

In the open market, 100kg of wheat was slashed to Rs 700. According to the dealers, the price of wheat in the open market rose from Rs. 4800 to Rs. 5500 after the price of flour was increased.

It should be noted that the price of flour has been increased for the fourth time in one year.

TikTok Girls Sandal Khattak goes to court against FIA probe

LAHORE:  Leading tick talk star Sandal Khattak issued a notice to the FIA ​​on a petition filed against the FIA ​​seeking notice.

TikTok Girls Sandal Khattak goes to court against FIA probe

The sessions court issued a notice to the FIA ​​on the petition filed by the prominent Tuck Talk star Sandal Khattak against the notice of the FIA ​​student.

Sandal Khattak's lawyer contends that Sandal Khattak is a Pakistani citizen and famous talk-talk star, he never participated in any illegal activity.